What are the Key Benefits of our range of Activity Monitors?


Accuracy and precision for every step you take


Motivational for stepping up your day-to-day activity


Assisting you to reach & improve health and lifestyle goals

Activity Monitors and Pedometers

What is a pedometer and an Activity Monitor and how are they both used used?


A pedometer is a device that is designed to track all physical activity that the user does throughout the day.  This can be anything, from:

- Steps taken through the day

- The distance which has been travelled

- The amount of calories which have been burnt

- The difference between slower activity like running and faster activities such as swimming cycling, or even perhaps rowing

Once set up, this data will automatically be recorded and stored on the pedometer every time it is in use, so the user will be able to access the data at any time, including checking for progress throughout the day or week.

Pedometers can either be attached to clothing or a belt, or the wrist, depending on the design.  This makes them easy to wear all day long.